Five Party Conversation Starters

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Five Party Conversation Starters

We’ve all been to a party where we’ve found ourselves struggling to talk to anyone else, it can be awkward. How personal is too personal? Good conversation starters are few and far between and it can be painful to try and come up with new ones. So we’ve saved you the time, effort and embarrassment by compiling a list of five party conversation starters.

“If you could trade places with anybody in the world right now, who would it be?”

This is a great one to slip in towards the beginning of a conversation because it engages the other person, but it also gives a cheeky nod to the fact you both feel a little uncomfortable in the conversation.

“If you could have one super power what would it be?”

This gets people talking about themselves and takes the attention away from your real personality; people feel they are talking about a fictional person.

“Would you rather have no one come to your funeral or your wedding?”

Be careful with this one, it could be a little awkward with the wrong person, but generally most people will get involved in the conversation. I chose wedding, by the way.

“How do you know the host?”

I know it’s a little basic, but you’d be surprised about the answers you’d get back and this can set your conversation up for some funny stories.

“Would you rather have fingers as long as legs, or legs as long as fingers?”

This one is silly, but it’s going to get you a laugh and if you can make the other person laugh then you’re heading down the right path. It’s a genuinely tough question as well.

Written by Jack Cherry