Lorne transforms into our cultural capital with four huge weekends of food, film and live music

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Lorne transforms into our cultural capital with four huge weekends of food, film and live music

Photo: Maclay Heriot
Words by Staff Writer

The gorgeously renovated Lorne Theatre and popular seaside tavern The Clam are staging the Long Hot Summer series of free and ticketed live music, DJ sets, films and food experiences.

It’s already kicked off with a bang and continues full throttle this weekend (February 17) with major parties and events also happening on Saturday 24 February, Saturday 2 March and Sunday 10 March.

The organisers are describing their picturesque hometown as a community at the end of the earth, united by good music, food and drink. Transforming one of the most beautiful destinations in Victoria into a cultural hotspot is an unmissable experience.

Stay up to date with what’s happening in and around the region here.

Saturday 17 February

  • Milo Eastwood + Sky High Trio at The Clam – FREE
  • Tavern Menu by David Moyle
  • Calexico + Al Matcott live at Lorne Theatre
  • Followed by a free screening of Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense at Lorne Theatre

If you’ve never been to David Moyle’s 60s swinging seaside tavern The Clam, acclaimed for its unique atmosphere, then this is the weekend as the delightful venue hosts an epic DJ lineup. Milo Eastwood is the legendary PBS DJ and purveyor of feel-good electronica, renowned for his groundbreaking sets at Meredith and beyond. He’ll be joined by Sky High Trio (the project of Melbourne radio-heads Woody McDonald, PBS’s Mystic Mike Gurrieri and RRR’s John Bailey). It’s going to be an all-star cast. It will be complemented by a sumptuous menu from Moyle (ex-Longsong, Franklin, plus the food editor at Saturday Paper).

Then, things really heat up courtesy of Tucson Arizona’s legendary Calexico, who have earned a global following for their unique melting pot of country, cinema noir, desert jazz, TexMex tango, Latin rhythms, and French chansons. They’ll be joined by supremely talented local alt-rock singer-songwriter Al Matcott. Following Calexico, the Lorne Theatre will show a free screening of the definitive concert film, Talking Heads’ Stop Making Sense.

Saturday 24 February

  • Sweet Whirl live at The Clam – FREE
  • András + DJ People at The Clam – FREE
  • Tavern Menu by David Moyle

The following Saturday, defining singer-songwriter Sweet Whirl performs a free show at The Clam, with recent collaborator András DJing afterwards. Sweet Whirl is the project of highly-talented local and former member of Superstar and Scott & Charlene’s Wedding, Esther Edquist, who also released an acclaimed debut album in 2020: How Much WorksShe counts the likes of Bob Dylan, Joni Mitchell, Jean-Paul Sartre and Sheryl Crow among her various inspirations.

Andras (Andrew Wilson) is an unpredictable and captivating Australian musician, working the gap between dance and ambient music. Using a wide variety of aliases (including Wilson Tanner, Berko, Art Wilson) his releases are increasingly concerned with breaking and reassembling an Australian vernacular sound and identity. If you’ve been lucky enough to catch him at NGV Friday Nights, you’ll know his performances are highly memorable. He’ll be joined by DJ People (the legendary Ben & Guy from Chapter Music).

Saturday 2 March

  • Darcy Justice + Jack Danzey & Barry Sunset at The Clam – FREE
  • Seashells by the Seashore with Georgio Di Maria

You may have seen her light up Sugar Mountain x Boiler Room, or heard her on Triple R where she hosts the ever-changing program Moody – Darcy Justice is one of Naarm’s most talented selectors and she’ll be spinning tunes at The Clam fresh from a highly-anticipated set at Daybreak Festival this month. She’ll be joined by Jack Danzey and seasoned veteran Barry Sunset, of Sunset Sounds, Spin Club, Barry’s Bait Shop and About Love fame.

The night will be highlighted by Seashells by the Seashore, a hedonistic event from Moyle co-hosted with close friend and famous sommelier Georgio Di Maria, where food and wine are both served in shells. Divine!

Sunday 10 March

  • Dolmade Parde with music by Adriana at The Clam
  • Minami Deutsch (Japan) + Leah Senior live at Lorne Theatre

We cannot wait for the Labour Day long weekend. Japanese kraut-rockers Minami Deutsch will be headlining live at Lorne Theatre on March 10. The repetition freaks, fed on a diet of minimal techno (plus a healthy serving of Can and Neu!) have crafted a unique, flourishing and highly acclaimed discography since forming in 2014.

Folk diviner Leah Senior will also grace the Lorne Theatre stage. Expect sweeping piano melodies, pensive fingerpicking, waltz rhythms, and contemplative lyrical content (eg. “I led you on to thinkin’ I was sweet/ ‘Cause I sing so high and clean/ But I’m selfish as a cat and I’m hungry as the sea…”).

Also unmissable, PBS’ Opalakia host Adriana will provide the soundtrack for The Clam’s first Dolmade Parde, a mezze of food, ouzo, wine and music. Ouzo by the beach on a summer evening! You’re going to want to book some accommodation.

Visit lornetheatre.com.au for more information and to purchase tickets.

This article was made in partnership with Long Hot Summer.