Local brewery Prickly Moses announces whisky expansion and crowdfunding campaign

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Local brewery Prickly Moses announces whisky expansion and crowdfunding campaign

Located in the pristine natural environment of the Otway, one of the world’s only coast temperate rainforests, Prickly Moses Brewery has announced some huge plans for 2023.

The Otway Brewing Group, home of Prickly Moses Handcrafted Beer, is set to launch its first equity crowdfunding campaign on the Birchal platform to fund major growth plans for 2023.

Under the Otway Brewing Group umbrella lies well-known local brands and venus including Prickly Moses beer, the Great Ocean Road and Queenscliff Brewhouses, Apollo Bay and Queenscliff Gin, Nitro Vodka, and Forbidden Fruit Cider. This well-established and diverse business is growing strong and expanding into new markets.

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“Our successful history of experimentation and expansion into new ventures has helped us to identify new opportunities and quickly adapt to market demands,” explained the group’s CEO and co-founder Andrew Noseda.

“Now we are now looking to expand our product range into the whisky market”

“We have plans to grow rapidly. We like the idea of crowdfunding, and having our loyal customers involved. We want to give back to those who have supported us for the past 25 years.”

As part of its expansion plans, the Otway Brewing Group will build a new distillery production area at the Otway brewing facility, and commission a second large still to rapidly expand their whisky production. The fast-growing business is also building a new large, bonded storage warehouse, enabling them to produce and store whisky on a larger scale.

“The Otway ranges provides the perfect environment for whisky maturation, with its abundance of lush rainwater, elevated location, and cool climate. We have been experimenting with grains, recipes, and oak maturation for 3 years and have produced our first whisky,” Andrew explains.

“We will become a major whisky producer and we are looking for crowdfunding to rapidly kickstart this journey. We invite you to be part of it!”

With sustainability at their core, Otway Brewing Group is taking steps toward becoming completely off-grid. Partly from necessity and partly from their genuine concern for the environment, solar panels and rainwater tanks have been implemented at some of the facilities with future plans to incorporate wind generation and other forms of renewable energy to move to 100% green energy.

Otway Brewing Group anticipates solid growth expanding into new local and international markets and invites both existing fans and the public to invest in their future.

“As a business, we’ve been operating for 25+ years. We actually own our Otway property. We own the implant and production equipment. We have all the knowledge we need, and the fundamentals in place. Crowdfunding will allow us to get up and running a lot quicker and bring greater volumes to the market.”

The Otway Brewing Group equity crowdfunding campaign is open for Expressions of Interest now on the Birchal platform. To learn more about the Otway Brewing Group and the investment, express your interest and keep up to date.