Liz Martin Band unveils brooding new record, Live at Suss

Liz Martin Band unveils brooding new record, Live at Suss

Words by John “Dr John” Lamp

A result of COVID lockdowns.

You read phrases like “an instant connection” and the like in reviews and promotional material, and it never rings true, but I’m putting that behind me because this was a standout from the opening of the first track.

It sent me checking the CD cover for the writing credits. I could feel Tom Waits standing behind me and listening. But it wasn’t quite Tom… an element of Nick Cave?
No, forget those comparisons, they all pale against the reality of her music.

We are talking a powerful voice here, and a sparse instrumental backing that throws it into highlight! Her compositions are tight, the lyrics are insightful.

Liz is Sydney based, and has performed extensively throughout her hometown, the rest of Australia and overseas.

Locally she’s been at the Cuda Bar at Lorne, and I’ll really be waiting to hear her live when she next comes down.

Like a number of musicians, she worked through the COVID lockdown and this CD is the result – Live at Suss.

My favourite tracks from this CD are ‘Night Time’ and ‘Dead and Lovely’.

I can see this getting some playing in the future.

Bypass the COVID issue yourself by getting this CD (and others of hers) through download at her website.

You can also buy the album via Bandcamp.