South Australian prog-metallers Higgs Field reveal debut EP, ‘Paracusia’

South Australian prog-metallers Higgs Field reveal debut EP, ‘Paracusia’

Words by Alex Callan

An eclectic mix of influences and genres.

Delivering a nice dose of 90’s nu metal riffs, Mt Gambier prog-metallers Higgs Feild has released their debut EP ‘Paracusia’.

Allowing Brad Frost a chance to utilize his quick fills on drums, ‘Screaming, Fighting, Dying’ adopts clean vocals akin to Spineshank or Sevendust. With moments of blistering intervals and a heavy breakdown at the end Higgs Field truly wrote this one to be played live. ‘Guilty’ highlights a more modern approach to its guitarwork with moments being rooted in djent.

‘Deadhill’ has a 90’s anthemic feel to it; kind of like when Stone Gossard used to play guitar with his eyes simultaneously rolling back from the shear shreddage. However, the clear structure of slow opening, heavier verse and a ¾ way through breakdown does become slightly predictable. This is a slightly broken up in, ‘The Source’ with its riff kicking straight in.

The most ethereal track on the album comes in ‘The Mason’ with vocal harmonizations creating an intertwining psych feel. It also highlights an entirely different vocal style, one that’s rooted in Australian accentuation with its nasalness reminding me of early Kevin Mitchell.

With every member of the band listed as a songwriter, it is evident that ‘Paracusia’ is an eclectic mix of influences and genres. At times it may not be the most beneficial to the song but it’s great to see the lads experimenting.

Check it out below.