Live ‘n’ Local at Eureka

Live ‘n’ Local at Eureka

There’s something special about seeing incredible talent and knowing that it’s all home grown. Someone who recognised this and could see the talent Geelong has, is Jordan Thulborn, and he’s also reinventing one of your favourite night spots.

Hey Jordan, you’re back at it again this summer, but this time with a different approach. Less club focus and more local singer-song writer focused…

After spending four years working in clubs I wanted to further develop my skills and so I created a small booking agency Exclusive Entertainment booking musicians at venues across Geelong. Live music is alive and well and I feel this is the entertainment people prefer these days.

What was the catalyst to you wanting to try something different?

I have always seen Geelong as a town with a lot of potential and unless people are willing to try new things the town will sit stagnant – which I felt was a waste. I wanted to bring something new to the live music scene

How did the first event go?

It went well for the first event of this type at Eureka. Ideally I would of loved to have more people through the door but I feel the more exposure the event gets it will help. The artists did a tremendous job all putting on stellar performances.

What local singers do you have on board and what process did you got through selecting who you would have on the bill?

I spent time visiting different venues watching artists perform as well as working closely with Luke Biscan and Abe Anderson to develop my knowledge of the local scene and who was involved.

Were you impressed by the talent, thus determined to show case local talent?

I was surprised at just how much local talent Geelong has to offer. It reassured me that there is no reason to have to book in big headline acts when there is such a spread of locals that should be on these kind of bills.

The Eureka, whilst not known for its live music (beyond DJs and EDM) as such, has an amazing capacity to put on great live music nights, was that the thinking behind reinventing that space and what it’s used for?

The space has been used in years previous to host bands so I wanted to reinvent that idea and use the space as it had once been used for. The quality of the sound in the venue is something people have to hear to believe.

What can punters expect on the night?

They can expect a new atmosphere in the venue with high energy performances from artists. Live music on a main stage as it should be.

Are there drink specials or anything else we can expect?

We have a merchandise stall set up at each event where people can purchase EPs and albums produced by the artists as well as drink specials on the night.

Anyone or anything doing something to enhance live and local music is great in our books, are you planning to do this long term or just trial it over summer?

I plan on continuing to build on this – it is a stepping block to build on and one day I would love to run a music festival along Geelong’s beautiful waterfront.

Did you have a policy on covers and originals or are all acts to perform as they please?

I allowed the artists to perform as they please whether it be covers or originals. The idea of the night is to allow the musicians to showcase their talent in whichever way best represents them.

When & Where: Live and Local @ Eureka, Geelong – January 22