Miss Quincy

Miss Quincy

Returning to Australia for the second time, Miss Quincy will hit up the Motor City Music Festival to pay homage to the good ol’ days of blues and rock ‘n’ roll. We had a chat to her whilst in the chilly surroundings of Vancouver.

Hi Miss Quincy, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte, how are you and what are you up to at the moment?

Hi! Well, given the time difference, I’m just drinking some wine. Not Aussie wine unfortunately, but it’s still put me in quite a good mood.

Given it’s currently the holiday season, how have you/are you spending yours?

I just spent Christmas at my cabin in northern British Columbia. I arrived and it was -26 C. My holiday revolved around stoking the wood stove and visiting with family while over eating. I’m now back in Vancouver where I spend most of my time.

Are you the kind of person to make New Years resolutions? If you are, what’s your biggest resolution for 2016? 

I don’t usually make specific New Years resolutions, but I do set goals throughout the year. For example I once set a strict and firm goal to start running while on tour and after my first run I left my running shoes outside the tour van to dry and promptly forgot about them. I accidentally ran them over while driving away to the next town. I took it as a sign that running on tour was not for me. I think it’s important to adjust ones goals and plans accordingly…

While we’re talking about the New Year, what kind of a year has 2015 been for you musically? 

Well, I toured in Australia for the first time in 2015, so that was pretty much the best. One of the things I love about touring is meeting musicians and artists from all over the place and how touring on the complete opposite side of the world allows you to discover a lot of music and musicians you wouldn’t have otherwise. That’s pretty great. I also started a side project called My Peace River (www.mypeaceriver.ca)  which is all about creating art to bring awareness to Canada’s most endangered river – which happens to be the river I grew up next to and where my cabin still is.

We saw you’ve been keeping busy with “Bush Cookology”, can you give our readers a rundown of how that came about? 

I spend a few months in the wilderness every year working in the far north of Canada as a bush cook. I started a blog all about it complete with recipes and bush dos and don’ts. My Bush Cookology video series started because we have no internet, power, or running water up there and we have to make our own fun. I imagine if my great grandma would have had an iPhone and a laptop to make silly videos to document her own bush humour, they would look much the same. Spending months in the wildness makes very ordinary things quite extraordinary. But you’ll have to watch the videos to know exactly what I mean by bush humour.

When you filmed the clip for ‘Bad Love’ the original was actually stolen, was the second time around just as fun? 

It was quite a tragic day when the original video clip for my tune ‘Bad Love’ was stolen because of a car break in. I still look at every hard drive I pass on street corners and I probably always will. The second time we filmed the clip, we took a different approach because we didn’t have the heart to repeat the original which featured an amazing cast of friends in the Vancouver music scene.

Which was all for ‘Bad Love’, where did the inspiration for that one come from, is it at all from personal experience? 

Now wouldn’t you like to know….

You’ll be coming back to Australia to Motor City Music Festival, which celebrates the old school rock and blues scene. Do you have a favourite moment of musical history from the old school rock days?

I often think I was born in the wrong musical era. I like to imagine what it would have been like to hear Led Zeppelin for the first time when there was nothing quite like them before. Or seeing Jimi Hendrix or Janis Joplin. It must have been such an exciting time in music and culture.

How have you found the Australian crowd when you’ve performed before? 

I would say the more people drink, the more interactive they are with the band. And that is a world wide phenomena that Australia is not immune to!

When & Where: Motor City Music Festival, Geelong Showgrounds – March 11-13