Listen Out For… Jackson Reid Briggs

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Listen Out For… Jackson Reid Briggs

Thanks for chatting with Forte, how’s things ?

We’ve been pretty good thanks! Guzzling mangos and smoking ciggies in QLD last weekend on the first leg of our ‘Sav Blanc or Soundcheck’ tour in support of our EP.

If you were a genre, what would it be?
Slop rock.

Tell us about your new EP.
Unadulterated, slop rock on 12 inch vinyl. Recorded in Melbourne over the past year by Nao Anzai at Soundpark Studios.

Your artwork is pretty interesting, what’s the story behind it?
Ricky (guitarist) took that photo at a nightclub in Yepoon. Some young hopeful disco dancing… We feel it really encapsulates where we’re at right now.

If you could be one famous band, who would it be?
AC/DC (1974ish).

Where can we find your music?

You can find our music at our Bandcamp.

Famous last words?
*When asked to the renounce the devil on deathbed* – “This is no time to be making enemies.” Fuck. I don’t know…