Toxicon Release Debut Album

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Toxicon Release Debut Album

Progressive-metal band, Toxicon, have just released their debut album, Purge. We can gather from reading the band’s bio – “Serious about Metal: Not Much Else,” the group of five are passionate about not only their music, but enjoying themselves in the process.

Upon the release of Purge, the boys kicked off their launch-tour late July, and have so far been to Adelaide, Ballarat and Warrnambool. “We’ve had a lot of support from the metal community,” Lead-singer Wayne Clarris says. “We got a decent crowd [in Adelaide] and they really reacted positively. They jumped around; there was a lot of energy.”

The band has come a long way since their days of jamming in a paint shop with almost no equipment. They first met in an unlikely place, bonding over something unexpected but important in forming any relationship: “It was weird, we all met at a round robin table-tennis tournament, and realised that we all had a mutual love for bacon and eggs.” Wayne says.

Purge is a concept album consisting of 11-songs. With central themes surrounding the idea of ‘impending doom’ and ‘the purging of your power,’ the guys in Toxicon have worked together to produce the 52 minute-long debut. “There were a few times where everybody sort of had an idea and we really tried to entertain everybody’s idea. Sometimes it works, sometimes it doesn’t,” Wayne says. The artwork associated with the album captures the chosen concept, consisting of dark figures surrounding one unidentifiable person.

In preparation for attending one of Toxicon’s shows, Wayne suggests: “I think any metal show you need to do the old neck warm-up. I’d say a few shots won’t go astray; loosen up a bit.” Most importantly though, he says, “All anyone needs to do if they’ve never done that sort of thing is roll in and be ready to have a bit of fun.”

As well as writing killer-songs and playing epic shows, having a good time is a definite priority for the boys in Toxicon. Walking also seems to be overrated at a Toxicon gig: “I crowd surfed to the bar once, and got a beer and crowd surfed back. All in the air – that was pretty cool,” Wayne says.

With a new burst of energy and a drive stronger than ever, Toxicon are excited for their upcoming shows, taking place in Bendigo, Belconnen, Sydney, Fitzroy and Geelong. “Personally, I think it’s a really exciting time in music, and a really exciting time for metal,” Wayne says.

Whilst chatting about the music industry, Wayne bought to light how often bands want to be different, wanting what other bands don’t have. He, however, can appreciate the real invaluable advantage: “Every time you have an audience, you have that moment. What you do with it is up to you. That’s what you have that no other band does – it’s that audience at that moment in time.”

Purge is available both online and in store, and there are plenty of opportunities to catch Toxicon at a live gig. So get those neck-exercises happening, throw back some scotch and head to one of Toxicon’s upcoming gigs.

When & Where: Musicman Bendigo – August 20, Barwon Club Geelong – September 10