LIMBO is heating up Geelong’s Spiegeltent

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LIMBO is heating up Geelong’s Spiegeltent

We are fortunate to get some great shows coming to Geelong, but I haven’t seen anything quite like the Spiegeltent Geelong – and in particular, it’s hero show LIMBO.

Just one week into its three week run at Johnstone Park, there is still time to get tickets to the remaining shows, so, as Molly would say, “Do yourself a favour”, and go to this show as it is absolutely brilliant. The show, Limbo, has sold out around the world to rave reviews, and I can totally see why!

The Spiegeltent alone is quite the sight. Not as big as a conventional Circus tent, it’s charm is as you enter and take your seat. A 360-degree center stage ensures all get a great view and as I took my seat, I felt as if transported back in time.

Thinking a backing track was providing the initial music, it quickly dawned on me that a live tuba, harmonica, and drum kit were creating the sounds, and the go-to tune for them was some twisted thing that I could not describe, nor you imagine. For the impatient, this part cabaret, part circus, part insane show didn’t take long to impress.

An array of acts came and left the stage including fire breathing, sword swallowing, death-defying dance moves, acrobats of the more unconventional type, and more. It must be said that the scene was set early in the show when the rubber man came out, and let’s not spoil things here, but somehow he got his arse to rest on his head!

The music was pretty much non-stop from start to finish, but complimented the main show on centre stage, so plenty of chill vibes were thrown in at appropriate times to accompany the eclectic style established from the get-go.

Limbo is highly recommended, and fair to say you ain’t seen nothing like it before. Do not miss if you can help it!

LIMBO will be at Geelong’s Spiegeltent until June 23. You can pick your date and book tickets here.

Reviewed by Glenn Lynch