‘Like That’: The new Cool Sounds album is a bright pop-funk reinvention

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‘Like That’: The new Cool Sounds album is a bright pop-funk reinvention

Words by Alex Callan

Dainis Lacey has really been forging a name for himself as one of Victoria’s most hardworking songwriters. 

With his newest project Partner Look turning heads amongst Melbourne crowds with their impressive synth-pop stylings, Lacey is now returning to his roots to deliver the newest instalment under the moniker Cool Sounds.

Stepping out from behind a band facade, Like That proves, yet again, why Lacey’s insurmountable style and bohemian output are a cut above his contemporaries. 

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With hand-selected aspects of the European alternative disco sound of the ’70s and ’80s incorporated into his arsenal, Like That finds itself somewhere in between the funk-laden basslines of Idris Muhammad and the deep herky-jerky vocals of new-wave pioneers such as Brian Eno and David Byrne. The result, as expected, is quite an eclectic release. 

‘6 Or 7 More’ drips with funk swagger; ‘Dance!’ adds in Italo disco soundscapes of the ’80s; whilst the aptly named ‘Part Time Punk’ sees electronica beats propelled through the impressive combination of percussion, MPC and bongos. 

Ramping it up for the end of the release is the punchy standout ‘Foreign Feelings’, an art-punk number that further stretches Lacey’s all-encapsulating sound. 

With Cool Sounds 2021 record Bystander rooting itself in coastal rock riffs and soft folk-rock-based vocals, Like That will come bearing a few welcomed surprises, acting as proof that regardless of the style, Lacey’s output remains equally as striking. 

Listen to Cool Sounds’ album ‘Like That’ here