Learn to Brew at Federation University

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Learn to Brew at Federation University

This is one for the beer aficionados.

Federation University is the forward thinking uni to bring the art of brewing to students by tapping into the recent explosion of Australian craft beer scene.

Offering Graduate Certificate and Diploma level courses in brewing, the emphasis is on developing a sound knowledge – both theory and practical – of core concepts and issues in the malting and brewing industries. The courses cover topics such as brewing raw materials, the brewing process and yeast and fermentation. The certificate-level course is 18 months long, while the graduate diploma is a two-year endeavour.

The university also offers a short program in malting and brewing, covering the basic science behind brewing in general.

Learning the craft at the university’s very own unique microbrewery is the perfect option for individuals wanting to further their study, or for those wanting to enter the brewing industry. These programs are the stepping stone for students and beginning their own brewing careers, and learn of a growing industry with like-minded mates.

For more information, head along to the Federation University website.