Leah Flanagan: Saudades

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Leah Flanagan: Saudades

It’s pretty fitting that the opening single to Leah Flanagan’s newest release Saudades is titled ‘Chills’ as her vocals do just that. Her vocals are calming, raw and tinged with emotion and she sings “wait for a minute, won’t you just wait for a minute”. It echoes of someone speaking to a lover and the single is further evidence of Flanagan’s balanced vocals and lyrical ability.

‘Damage’ is a bluesy number with a warbling guitar carrying the track through. It’s slow, contemplative and the kind of track best listened by those who want to completely lose themselves in the meaning and emotions of the song. Highlights of the album are ‘Chills’, ‘Paper Cranes’ and ‘A Love Unending’ – which has a pretty killer guitar riff opening.

It becomes pretty clear with this release, that she’s put everything out there in this release. Put simply the album is a culmination of the emotions we feel as lovers, relatives and friends and in the relationships that surround those. It’s a brilliant release that exhbitis the two years that went into making it.

Reviewed by Amanda Sherring