Cable Ties

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Cable Ties

Hey guys, thanks for chatting with me today! Can you introduce yourselves to our readers?
We’re a post-punk/rock trio from Melbourne called Cable Ties. We’re coming to Ballarat and Castlemaine with our mates Wet Lips to launch our split single in late November. Wet Lips are a punk/ rock trio also from Melbourne. Both bands are loud, fun and furious.

Congrats on your nomination for The Age Music Awards! Can you tell us where you guys were at the time you found out?
Well I (Jenny) was a little confused when people from The Age started emailing me at work to get an interview. Nobody told us what we’d been nominated for until it was publicly announced. We were really stoked about it!

How did the collab between Wet Lips and Cable Ties come about?
We are long time mates who are really good at putting on parties. We wanted to organise an event together in November and figured we should do a release for it. Both tracks are the first taste from our respective albums which will be released next year.

What can regional Vic expect from you?
Cable Ties will tear through two minute punk burners, and then stretch it out to some 10 minute kraut and primitive boogie jams. This is coupled with rage fuelled vocal lines. If you’re a fan of angry women we’ll be right up your alley.
Wet Lips stick to the two minute punk bangers. We’re equal parts fun, rage and smart arse banter.

You’re stuck on a desert island with a CD player and some batteries- you’re only allowed ONE CD – what would it be?

Primary Colours by Eddy Current Suppression Ring. Cable Ties are a little too influenced by that album, like a lot of bands in Melbourne. People often don’t notice though becasue they are distracted by the whole angry woman thing.

Famous Last Words?
We’d really love to meet a bunch of new people at our regional shows. Plus, it will be your last chance to catch Cable Ties before we play Meredith (yeah, I had to slip that one in there somehow).

When & Where: Wet Lips & Cable Ties Victorian Tour @ Eastern Hotel, Ballarat – November 25 & The Bridge Hotel, Castlemaine – November 26.

Photo by Photoyunist