Late night buses to run from Melbourne to Geelong

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Late night buses to run from Melbourne to Geelong

You know how it’s really awkward catching a train home from Melbourne late at night? The last train at midnight isn’t ever late enough, leaving you in an awkward situation where you’re always leaving early from parties in order to get home to Geelong. Either that or you have to commit to the all-nighter and sit shivering in the cold until 6am at Southern Cross wishing you had rushed off at 11pm to get the first train home in the morning. Or you could get a cab home, but fuck, we aren’t James Packer?
Well the best thing on Earth has been announced: a late night bus service will take people from Melbourne to Geelong at 2:15 am departing from Southern Cross as part of the ‘Night Network’ service. This means you can pull up stumps later, not have to rush off from the party but also get home before the sun comes up. Perfect.
The bus will stop all stations between Little River and Warn Ponds.