Eternal Flame

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Eternal Flame

Eternal Return is the new album from songbird Sarah Blasko. And you know what the means? It is touring time. Eternal Return is Blasko’s fifth album, but first full-length release to be recorded in Australia. Her only other Australian-recorded release was her 2002 debut EP, Prelusive.
The album is lush with a retro-electronic vibe and ’80s nostalgia, all wrapped up in a big love-inspired hug. She says on her website: “I got interested in old synths again, which I haven’t been for a few years. Growing up as a kid in the ’80s, a lot of my favourite pop records were synth-based, and lot of my favourite love songs were written in that era.” Gary Numan, Diana Ross and Michael Jackson are among the album’s influences, as well as Paul McCartney and Bruce Springsteen.
The title, meanwhile, is a nod to the “concept that the universe has been recurring, and will continue to recur, in a self-similar form an infinite number of times across infinite time or space” (Wiki). Otherwise known as ‘Eternal Recurrence’, the concept was popularised by Friedrich Nietzsche and is regarded as one of his most important thoughts. But as romantics, we at Forte dig the whole love thing. Ulumbarra Theatre, Bendigo – April 22.