Lash 78 unveil their debut EP

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Lash 78 unveil their debut EP

We sit down with local sister duo Lash 78 to talk all things music, tours and traveling.

For those that aren’t lucky enough to be familiar with you, please give us a little introduction to your music and how you came to be?
We are a sibling female fronted band called Lash78. I think the best way to describe our music is rock pop; we grew up with our speakers blasting classic Aussie rock but also in a time where MTV was influencing their viewers with upcoming pop sensations. Being sisters, it’s made the process of forming who we are as musicians in ways easier, coming from the same upbringing and having similar/if not the same inspirations. We’ve traveled the world with our music, worked with some very talented people, learned a lot of valuable lessons about life and the industry which has made us the artists we are today.

Congrats on the debut EP – can you tell our readers a bit about it?
Thank you! Some of the songs on the tracklist have been in our catalog for years! This EP is like the white dove release, a symbol of new beginnings for us, a chapter that meets its end but opens up for something even bigger. If you’re looking for a CD that empowers and strengthens you, look no further than our EP… Plus we have some pretty kick-ass harmonies and emotion injected lyrics in there might I add.

You’ve done a lot of traveling over the past couple of years. How has this influenced your music?
Traveling forces people to grow. You’re in a different country, sometimes people speak a different language, you have to navigate your way through the unknown and that puts you out of your comfort zone and forces new opportunities. The growth that we gained from traveling fuelled our creativity, we were inspired by the scenery and people we met and we got some great songs out of it.

What was the importance for you in collaborating with songwriters from different parts of the world? Did anything surprise you?
I wouldn’t necessarily say that there was an importance to collaborate with songwriters from other parts of the world, because Australia is home to some of the most talented songwriters, for us it was a once in a lifetime opportunity that arose after being discovered by some A&R guys when we were busking in Melbourne a while back, they flew us over to the States and basically lined up our sessions. The one thing that did surprise us is how tirelessly they work, it was nothing for them to be in a session from like 11am till 4 am in the morning, it was a culture shock for us because well…. We like our sleep.

You’ve got a launch coming up in support of your new EP. Landing at the Barwon Club, what can gig goers expect from the tour and what are you looking forward to most about being on the road?
Every gig will start off with chills and end with a bang.. let’s just say that! I guess you will have to be there to find out what that means! I think that the being on the road will allow some space from our day to day lives and allow us to start writing for an album or our next single! Whatever comes next I guess. That being said we do still have some killer songs up our selves which we want to release first!

You’re known for your knockout harmonies and a performance that keeps audiences coming back for more – what elements do you believe crucial to a great live show? Do you prefer being up on stage or in the studio?
Energy! Your energy sets the tone for the audience, I’m a foot stomping, head banging type of girl and Lauren’s the same! So when we get up on stage we always bring that lust to perform and I think that really shines through for the audience and encourages them to join in on another level. We definitely can’t choose between the stage and the studio! We love the studio because it enables us to create new content and also collaborate with other like-minded musicians but we also would go mad if we couldn’t interact with our fans and perform the songs that we’d put so much effort into making.

Being sisters, how do you approach songwriting? Do you have different influences and how do you find navigating the creation process with a family member?
We don’t always write together and I think that it helps give us our own voice so that when we do come together to write something that we are able to listen to each other’s ideas! Respecting each other professionally is easy with other people around but when it’s just us, we are like normal sisters and that means we don’t always agree but I think that having that connection actually is a strength to the longevity of our music.

Thanks for chatting. Where can our readers find a copy of the EP?
Message Lash78 if you’re interested in a copy! We are in the process of setting up an online store on our website but it isn’t live as of yet! Also, keep your eyes peeled for our music to drop on Spotify and iTunes after 12th May Xx

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When & Where:
The Barwon Club, Geelong – May 11
Amped, Geelong – May 12
The Publican, Mornington – May 26