Kim Churchill unveils new E.P. ‘I AM’

Kim Churchill unveils new E.P. ‘I AM’

Kim Churchill has just released his new E.P ‘I AM’ which includes the single ‘When Everything Comes Undone’. Written and recorded in Berlin, Churchill’s seven-song E.P is uplifting, alluring and melancholic.

‘I AM’ is the first of a four-part E.P series, each E.P is written in a different location of Kim’s choice. The E.P was co-produced by house and hip-hop producer Vincent Kottkamp with production assistance from Chris Collins. Kim talks about how Berlin influenced this E.P, “The city swept me away in all it’s beautiful counterpoints – from the gritty streets covered in graffiti to the deep forests and quiet summer fields”. After living on the road for many years, Kim expresses that part of his life through these songs, showing the value of a new way of thinking, writing, and living.

Kicking off the E.P is new single ‘When Everything Comes Undone’, the song sets the tone with Kim’s soft vocals and uplifting kick drum beat. Next is ‘After the Sun’ which switches up the beat from gentle folk to an RnB beat.

Third and fourth tracks ‘Look Too’ and ‘The Sunroom’ transport you to a summers afternoon as you’re swept away by Kim’s sugary melodies.

We are then reintroduced to Churchills iconic harmonica ad libs in ‘Fallen Rainbows’, ‘As I Need’ brings back the infectious percussion with foot-stomping rhythms and lastly the E.P reaches its crescendo with ‘All I Remember’ and it’s blues influence.
It’s music that inspires you to get in your car and drive without a sense of time or direction.

In the coming weeks, Kim will tour Germany, Netherlands, France, United Kingdom and finishing in Australia.
Australian Tour dates and tickets are available via

‘I AM’ available now! Check it out here.

Written by Kayla Macleod