Ladyhawke: Wild Things

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Ladyhawke: Wild Things

Heads up everyone; Ladyhawke is back. With Wild Things comes her third studio album, following on from Anxiety back in 2012. It’s been a little wait, but one that’s more than worth it.

One-woman synth powerhouse, Pip Brown, returns with a sun-kissed, sugar-injected release. For those who remember that Coca Cola ad where everyone jumps in the bottle, it’s a little bit of that sort of feel.

‘The River’ is a highlight, it’s fast-paced with catchy hooks and tight lyrics – who doesn’t love a ‘na, na, nah’ part they can sing along to? Title track ‘Wild Things’ is heavy on the space-tinged synth. It’s a contrast to previous song ‘The River’ as it’s much more of a slow-burn, contemplative kind of single. Also watch out for ‘Money to Burn’ – there’s a little lesson in there for you as well.

With a four year gap between releases, it’s good to see Ladyhawke hasn’t lost what always made her unique in the music industry. And this album takes her another step in the right direction.

Out EMI Music Australia
Reviewed by Amanda Sherring