LISTEN OUT FOR…. Dane Overton

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LISTEN OUT FOR…. Dane Overton

Thanks for chatting with us today! Tell us about yourself? NOT much to say really! I’m a blues and roots artist from Wollongong! Travelling the east coast of Australia on tour between uni breaks!

Describe your current release. It’s a three track single called Down the Road. The first track has a cool film clip on YouTube – which also shows how I made my CD cases. The second track is a dirty blues song about getting drunk. And the third track was a one take track made with extra studio time!

If you as a person was a genre, what would you be? I’m pretty hectic most of the time so speed metal or rap. Like, deep house rap maybe.

A fairy god mother waves her wand and turns you into a famous band – which one would you be? Probably Led Zeppelin.

Famous last words? I’d rather have a bottle in front of me than a frontal lobotomy.

Release: Down the Road is available now
When & Where: Billy Roys Blues Bar, Bendigo – June 10, Babushka Bar, Ballarat – June 11 & Unwined Cellar, Geelong – June 12