Kylie Auldist

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Kylie Auldist

If you haven’t heard Kylie Auldist before, it’s fair to say that your life has been missing a whole lot of funk. Having played with Aria nominated band The Bamboos for 10 years (and counting), as well as working with a mixed bag of other Australian artists, she has crafted a very esteemed reputation in the Australian music scene. Whilst Kylie’s talent has always been recognised, it was when she took the huge step of becoming a solo artist that it became evident of how truly talented and unique she is as a singer.

With hit single ‘Sensational’ setting the groovy disco vibe for her upcoming release ‘Family Tree’, the anticipation couldn’t be any higher. According to Kylie, the disco feel of the album stems back to her adolescent years.

“You get stuck in a moment sometimes where you just love something and can’t get over it. That’s always been the style of music I have loved, since I was a teenager. I love dance music, everyone loves dance music.

“I’ve done soul albums, I have done so much soul and I just want to have a bit of a dance and stop being so serious. It’s still a soul and funk vibe, it’s still me. It’s just moved onto the new me.”

As well as touring worldwide and having three previously released solo albums, Kylie has had a huge amount of success recently when French deep house DJ and producer Kungs remixed a song called ‘This Girl’ that she had recorded in the mid 2000’s with friends Cookin’ On 3 Burners. As well as getting a massive 51 million views on YouTube, the remix has topped the charts all over Europe including scoring a number two slot in the UK charts.

“It’s all been a bit weird. I didn’t write that song, I was just lucky enough to sing on it years ago when I was singing with Cookin’ On 3 Burners, and then all of a sudden a kid has remixed it and it’s gone for another run. It’s weird hearing my voice everywhere in the world. Friends have sent me messages from taxis in Saint Petersburg, and little islands in Greece, and said ‘oh my god you’re on the radio.’ It’s bizarre.”

Kylie has an incredibly busy year ahead in terms of touring, having just returned from playing shows in England, she is set to head straight back over to Europe.
“I am doing Scotland this Saturday night and then I have three shows in the North of England, and then I have about three weeks at home and then I am going to Portugal.”

But luckily she will be returning to the shores of Australia to deliver a set at this years Queenscliff Music Festival, and she couldn’t be more excited.
“I am wrapped to be able to play at that show; it is one of my all time favourites. I just got to do Best of The Fest on the weekend, which was four bands from the festival just kicking it off. Queenscliff is always fun, it’s huge! And it is such a nice little town; it’s not too far from home. There are so many amazing acts on the bill, so it is such an honour to be put in amongst all those people, and be thought to be good enough to do that.”

Written by Alex Callan

When & Where: Queenscliff Music Festival – November 25, 26 & 27