Canary: I Am Lion

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Canary: I Am Lion

First up, the harmonising in opening track Burning Man is downright beautiful. And that’s soon a means to describe much of the album, as each track is well thought out with thoughtful lyrics and complicated layering and elements to each song. ‘Women’s Business’ is a highlight and whoever put together the instrumentals and vocals of this track ought to give themselves a massive pat on the back. The guitar is ever-evolving, the vocals are menacing and overall it’s a single that constantly changes pace and is thoroughly engaging due to its unpredictable nature.

With brass instruments thrown into the mix in ‘Chameleon’, the beautiful stripped back vocals of ‘Smile’ (which has a certain Godfather-like quality at times) and the erratic nature of ‘I Am Lion’, this release from Canary is as diverse it is impressive. Seeing the depths and genres the band can dip their toes in without fully losing their “Canary” feel is truly something. Give this a try and get an insight into true talent in the music industry.

Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh