Kingswood has released an entirely alternate universe with their new album Reveries, and this is how you should listen to it

Kingswood has released an entirely alternate universe with their new album Reveries, and this is how you should listen to it

The Melbourne rockers have shared their recommended ways to digest this album.

Melbourne band and absolute legends Kingswood have released ‘Reveries’, a reimagining of their recently released album, ‘Juveniles’.

Released back in March, ‘Juveniles’ marked Kingswood’s third full-length album and while the band had only just kicked off their tour around the country, their touring plans were soon brought to a halt thanks to the coronavirus pandemic.

To keep themselves busy throughout lockdown, the band decided to take the music of Juveniles into a more intimate and nuanced sonic space, swapping the harder rock sounds for Americana-flecked, blues charm.

To celebrate the release – where the lads have stripped back the layers of each song, inviting the listener to become immersed in the lyricism and differing moods on offer – the band have shared their top five places or times to listen to Reveries.

At home in your most comfy chair
The first way in which I would advise you listen to this record, is at home, in your most comfy chair or couch, on your own system or headphones, but please with good speakers, or good headphones, if you are listening straight out of your phone then stop reading I want nothing to do with you may you be saved by some higher force with more energy than I. Pour yourself a glass of wine or whatever you prefer, put your phone in another room or turn it off, the point being have no distractions. I don’t think many people listened to an album straight through without being interrupted and I think it’s a shame. They don’t go for long, close your eyes and really listen, you can hear the air between the instrument and the microphone, you can feel the machines buzzing, and be present. You don’t have to write a review or even tell anyone about it, this you can do just for yourself, keep it secret even, make it something that you did just for you. (FL)

On a walk
This album is a fine accompaniment for a walk outside, a hike if you like. Reveries feels like the countryside and if you can pair beautiful scenery with this album you can live out your own little film. Picture Judy Garland singing ‘The Hills Are Alive’, rolling and spinning, dancing through the fields, this could be you listening to Reveries. If you can find a lake, sit by it, perhaps for a piano number like ‘A Little Death’, maybe a little sparrow will perch besides you. (FL)

In a cabin in the midst of winter
Another glorious way to enjoy this album is in a nice log cabin by a roaring fireplace with a glass of whiskey, cook for your love (or love yourself and cook for one) a delicious hearty meal, and retire by the fire to listen to Reveries, in this setting I expect that you have a turntable and are listening to the vinyl. Shoes off, socks on, high necked sweater, dog, there should be a dog curled up on the rug on the floor. Maybe you are playing chess, yeah that works. I also think it should be raining outside, I think this will enhance the experience enormously. (FL)

In the dark
Get to a quiet place, darkened, place. Perhaps light a candle. Perhaps don’t. Think of someone you have lost, that you have loved, and still love. It doesn’t need to be romantically motivated, but it can be if you like. (AL)

On the ground
Lay on natural ground. Earth, grass, sand, anything that isn’t pavement. Feel the weight of it beneath you, and your weight upon it. Feel the interaction of those two forces, feel the power of gravity and how important it is. Play Reveries and for each track, pick one instrument to follow throughout the song. For each track, pick a new instrument. (AL)

Reveries is out now. You can check it out below.