King Parrot’s new EP ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ is a brazen, fast and brilliantly grimey ride

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King Parrot’s new EP ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ is a brazen, fast and brilliantly grimey ride

Words by Alex Callan

The Kings of Metal are back.

Maintaining the expected visceral opening of any King Parrot release ‘Banished, Flawed then Docile’ is ruled by the pace of their impressive paced instrumentation and Youngy’s unparalleled vocals and highly volatile screams.

‘Blunder to Asunder’ has a really unique driving chugg riff, kind of a different approach for the predominantly trash metal/grindcore Kind Parrot. It highlights more of a slowed yet heavy Pantera feel to it, an interesting comparison considering the groups recent collaboration with Phil Anselmo.

The opening scream of ‘Nor Is Yours’ took me back to when I was a little tacker first encountering songs like Parkway’s ‘Smoke Em If You Got Em’. The immediate reliance on shock and sonic output is exponential to the overall sound of the song.

‘Kick Up A Stink’ was made for circle-pits with Todd Hansen’s percussion being measurable on Spinal Tap’s scale of 11.

In terms of Australian metal, King Parrot easily has one of the most distinguishable sounds. In fact, they are one of the only acts that when I review other bands that may even be at a larger level of fame, I will draw comparisons to King Parrot’s unique sound.

That is why ‘Holed Up In The Lair’ is such an impressive EP.

It isn’t just another dose of the Melbourne grindcore larrikins; it is a band with such an established sound already, trying something different and succeeding. It’s an incredible effort.

Holed Up In The Lair is out Friday, October 9 via Dead Set/Housecore/Agonia.