Nick Lovell releases contemplative new single ‘Saturday Night’

Nick Lovell releases contemplative new single ‘Saturday Night’

A delicate song about remembering the adolescent years in Geelong.

Earning himself a solid reputation within the local music scene over the past decade with captivating songs that speak of love, loss and beauty, Geelong bred, Melbourne-based musician Nick Lovell has lifted the lid off his new single ‘Saturday Night’.

From first listen, this tune floats and shimmies its way into your heart and makes you want to listen again and again.

Spanning nearly five minutes, Lovell’s unaffected, tender vocals are raw and relatable throughout, supported by silk harmonies and an acoustic melody.

The songwriting is elegantly melodic, personal, and intuitive as Lovell evokes the wistful nostalgia you never realise you would feel for certain moments of your adolescence.

“’Saturday Night’ is about the ebbs and flows of growing up in Geelong,” Lovell explains.

“As a teen, Saturday nights were met with high expectations, and pressure to make a good time happen, but sometimes they fell short, derailed by doubts and perplexity.

“This song is about the profound reverence I have for those days”.

With nods to the likes of Tom Petty, Damien Rice, and Fleetwood Mac, Lovell’s indie-rock, folk-tinged track is both dejected and easy-listening. It fuses poignant and arresting lyrics (“lying on a bed staring at the roof, I’m trying not to die on the inside”) with lush soundscapes and delicate, pulsing beats.

Throughout, every word comes alive, speaking multitudes.

The chorus is perhaps the most hauntingly beautiful part about the song, infusing warm layers on synth that sit underneath an almost Bruce Springsteen ballad vocal delivery as he croons “No, I just don’t have the will to go on, anymore”.

Recorded by Lovell with a helping hand from Melbourne-based singer-songwriter Nick Batterham (whose trademark is dark and foreboding), ‘Saturday Night’ is a bright and stunning glimpse into a new triumphant album, due for release in the not-so-distant future.

Coming on the back of 2016’s The Valley, a nine-track album featuring the heartfelt ‘Cradle in My Arms’, ‘Saturday Night’ is the kind of song you could imagine Lovell singing to a harmonious crowd. There would be tears, and it was impossible to tell whether they were tears of sadness or joy.

Listen to ‘Saturday Night’ below.