Kevin Bloody Wilson celebrates 40 Years with a show at Barwon Heads Hotel

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Kevin Bloody Wilson celebrates 40 Years with a show at Barwon Heads Hotel

Words by Staff Writer

Expect all the hits, new material and a few surprises.

Prepare for an evening of uproarious laughter as the iconic Kevin Bloody Wilson marks an extraordinary milestone – 40 years in the comedy business. Scheduled to take place at the Barwon Heads Hotel on Sunday, 14th April, this event promises to be an unforgettable celebration of one of Australia’s most beloved comedians.

Known as ‘The Worlds Funniest Australian’, Kevin Bloody Wilson’s unique brand of humour, as dry and rough as his Outback heritage, has earned him a special place in the hearts of comedy enthusiasts worldwide. Renowned for his fearless approach to tackling political correctness, Wilson’s wit cuts through societal norms with precision, leaving audiences in stitches.

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In an era where political correctness often stifles comedic expression, Kevin Bloody Wilson stands tall, unafraid to challenge the status quo. His famous ‘DILLIGAF’ (Do I Look Like I Give A F***) attitude towards PC culture is a refreshing departure from the norm, offering audiences a dose of unfiltered, outrageously funny comedy.

For Kevin Bloody Wilson, every day is INTERNATIONAL DILLIGAF DAY, inviting audiences to shed their inhibitions and embrace a night of unadulterated laughter.

With 4 million albums sold and a repertoire of hits spanning four decades, Kevin Bloody Wilson has cemented his status as a household name. Audiences can expect a raucous evening filled with classic favourites, new material, and perhaps a few surprises along the way.

The event, held at the Barwon Heads Hotel, promises a seated show with doors opening at 6 pm. Accompanying Kevin Bloody Wilson on this special night will be the talented Jenny Talia.

For those looking to savour a delectable meal before the show, the Bridge Bar will be serving meals from 5:00 pm onwards.

Tickets for this momentous occasion are available for purchase now here