Kennedys Creek Music Festival Q&A

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Kennedys Creek Music Festival Q&A

There are few music festival who just get it right. They know exactly who their audience is and as a result have nailed the vibe, got a killer line up and worked out a map that just makes life a breeze. Kennedys Creek Music Festival is one of them, and they’ve been recognised by Tonedeaf for being one of the best boutique Aussie festivals. We had a chat to Rhys Britnell from Kennedys Creek about this year’s event.
Hi Rhys, thanks for taking the time to chat with Forte magazine, how are you and what are you up to at the moment? 
At the moment I’m just prospecting. Not for gold but phone reception. I’m literally standing on top of a tree stump in a cold windy paddock holding my phone in the air trying to hold onto reception – it’s great!
I imagine things in the Kennedys Creek Music Festival world are about to explode, have you been pretty flat out to this day working on everything?
Yeah it’s been pretty hectic. The first half of the year is always pretty flat out going to gigs and trying to find the right bands that work well for the line up. Not that we’re not spoilt for choice here in Australia, more just so many bands are killing it both here and overseas at the moment and it’s more about their availabilities. We’ve got a pretty good little team that all do their thing in different areas of the organising throughout the year though, so it’s not too bad. Saying that I’m on two weeks holiday so I’m kinda dreading my inbox when I get home.
Obviously it’s so important to keep all the details top secret, do you find it hard at all to not let things slip? 
Haha, yeah definitely. It’s become pretty common conversation everywhere I go these days and of course the first question is always.. “So who have you got playing this year?” It doesn’t help when I’m just as excited for the festival as the punters either.
Tonedeaf has named the festival again for being one of the top boutique Aussie festivals, what is it about Kennedys Creek that keeps gaining the recognition? 
We’re still trying to work that one out. There are so many amazing festivals on that list we’re stoked that they’ve included us. It must be the vibe.
And what’s the vibe like at the actual festival?
The vibe is great. It’s such an awesome little part of the world down at Kennedys Creek and the whole community come together to put the festival on. With it being such a small festival with only 1000 people, you get to see lots of the same faces and friends you’d made the year before – which is great. A couple of years ago we had a really muddy year where we’d had a week of torrential rain leading up to the festival and literally you camped where your car stopped. At the end of the weekend when it was time to leave everyone from the bands, punters and staff to local legend Ernie and his little blue tractor pulled together to get everyone out. So there were lots of laughs and reminiscing of that once everyone met again last year. I guess to sum up the festival’s vibe is that in some sense it’s becoming like an extension to the existing KC community.
Lastly, what’s your top five tips for newbies attending the festival? 
Hmm, maybe bring some gumboots and warm attire for the nights. We’ve been pretty blessed with weather but it is the Otways and she can change on you in an instant. Bring cash, we have no ATMs so you will need it to buy food or something from the market vendors that catches your eye. Study how to get to the festival before you leave. We have had a few people rely on their Google maps and with there being a few black holes in reception have got a bit lost along the way. We don’t sell alcohol, as we are BYO so make sure you bring enough of the canned variety for your stay. Strictly no glass – it hurts. Lastly, pretty much just bring your best dancing shoes and good vibes. There will be a lot of it this year and nobody likes a dickhead.
Thanks again for having the chat, any last words of wisdom you’d like to share with our readers? 
Haha, shit… Umm, going by my answer to your first question I’m not sure wisdom is my forte. Put the phone down kids!
When & Where: Kennedys Creek – October 24 & 25. Further details are yet to be announced but are on their way. Stay up to date via the Kennedys Creek Facebook page.