Kaurna Cronin: Glass Fool

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Kaurna Cronin: Glass Fool

Kaurna Cronin is a name that you may not have heard before, but with the release of his latest record Glass Fool you definitely will know the name soon. He’s just announced a European tour and plays a brand of electric/ acoustic folk music that will definitely warm your heart. Opening with ‘Inside Your Town is Inside Your Head’, this track is nice little pop ditty that will be sure to get your hands beating rhythmically on the steering wheel as you cruise down the open road.
From just one look on Kaurna Cronin’s Facebook it’s easy to tell that he is a star on the rise. Having toured throughout France and the UK and set to travel back there, as a debut record, this is incredibly impressive. Tight little pop hooks and Dylanesque harmonica lines, it’s inoffensive music that is just nice to listen to on a cold wintery day to warm your heart and get you excited about summer.
Recorded by Jordan Power in Byron Bay, the album features the likes of Timberwolf aka Chris Panousakis, Dom Sykes and Lizzie O’Keefe to name but just a few, this is an impressive disc. Think Husky, think Passenger, think Ryan Adams, this album is incredibly beautiful in the instrumentation and melodies, and it is sure to charm the pants off you. It sure charmed the pants off me. What are you waiting for!? As the feature record on many radio stations and websites around the country, check out Glass Fool for yourself today.
Reviewed by Tex Miller