Reel Health International Short Film Festival

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Reel Health International Short Film Festival

It’s rare that health gets a spotlight shone on it through film, and the Reel Health International Short Film Festival is doing just that. Touring through the region – from Norlane to Lorne – the festival showcases 10 international films that inspire, touch and challenge audiences.
The event has been made possible through the partnership between Barwon Health and Monash Health. Or more aptly, through the working relationship between Peter Kelly (Barwon Health) and Johnathon Green (Monash Health).
“I have known Peter for a number of years and worked with him on a few different projects in a variety of roles in the past. When I started working on Reel Health, I knew he would appreciate the concept and so invited him along to the 2014 Premiere and Awards Night,” Johnathon says.
“By the end of the night, Peter was asking me if I thought we could make a tour through the Barwon Region a reality – from there it was a case of working through what would be required to bring it together. Having worked with Peter in the past, I knew he would have the drive to work through the logistics and maintain faithful to the festival’s concept.”
The version of the festival that is to tour through the Barwon region is as Johnathon puts it, the “best of” selection from past screenings and has been made free for the public thanks to the generosity from the local community in the Barwon region.
“Health and hospitals are popular subject matter in mainstream media; however it is also filled with clichés and stereotypes. The starting point of Reel Health was to provide a platform for people to tell stories of genuine health issues,” he says.
“Film in general – and particularly the short film genre – has a remarkable capacity to engage with audiences and communicate genuine stories of health and well-being. It is a different approach to health communication that has the ability to raise awareness of issues or start conversations within the community.”
The films will create these discussions through various different formats; documentary, narrative, animation and even music video. It’s important to remember that the films aren’t to lecture you on health issues, they are to offer up personal stories, discusses and a new view point.
One such film is Duct Tape Surfing, where Pascale Honore was unfortunately left as a paraplegic after a car accident. In the short film she is able to relive her joy of surfing thanks to a little bit of duct tape, or should we say a lot, and a willing surfer.
This film is just one of the many that are on offer to give you a new perspective on life, all of which are well worth your time and offer an alternative to your typical film experience.
When & Where: Various locations (see poster) – August 1 – September 23
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