Kasey Chambers and Busby Marou brings ‘Behind The Barricades’ tour to Geelong and Bendigo

Kasey Chambers and Busby Marou brings ‘Behind The Barricades’ tour to Geelong and Bendigo

They'll be playing 22 shows around the country throughout September and October.

Kasey Chambers and Busby Marou will bring their stunning mateship to the stage, for a joint tour that will take in 22 concerts in metro cities and regional towns this September-October.

A friendship born of their shared love of making music, telling stories, beach campfires and fishing, Kasey, Tom Busby and Jeremy Marou will bring their jam sessions to life onstage for the ultimate singalong.

Kicking off in Bendigo before visiting metro and regional centres across the nation (including Geelong) before finishing on the Sunshine Coast, each artist will perform their own setlist before joining together for a truly mesmerising finale.

“I’ve been mates with the Busby Marou boys for a long time through music, stories and fishing and we are proud to announce that we are sharing this special tour together,” says Kasey Chambers.

“First playing our own sets of our most popular songs from down through the years and also joining together for a unique set that showcases our musical connection and friendship like no other. It’s time to take this beach campfire jam to the stage!!”

It’s been 20 years since Kasey’s ARIA #1 and 7 x platinum album ‘Barricades and Brickwalls’ was released and featured the smash hit single ‘Not Pretty Enough’ which also hit #1 on the ARIA Singles chart at the same time, a first for any Australian artist. Audience members can expect many of the album’s songs to feature in her set in celebration of the milestone.

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Likewise, Busby Marou has gained the reputation as one of Australia’s hardest working live bands best known for their distinctly Australian storytelling and gifted musicianship. The duo won their third APRA songwriting award earlier this year for ‘Over Drinking Over You’ from their ARIA Top 5 album ‘The Great Divide’, their 3rd Top 5 release. Jeremy, a proud Torres Strait Islander and Tom, a patriotic Queenslander have been ever-present on our screens spruiking all things great about their home state as part of Tourism and Events Queensland’s ‘Good To Go’ campaign.

“We’ve made a very special connection with the Chambers family over the years and to be able to share the big stage with Kasey for a full national tour, is the best news we’ve had in a long time,” Busby Marou add.

“Kasey is in a league with the most talented and hardest working artists in this country. We can’t wait to bring our full band on this tour and to share the stage with Kasey for some exciting collaborations. Bring on the memories!”

It’s hard to think of two artists who have integrated themselves into the hearts and minds of the Australian music-loving public more than Kasey Chambers and Busby Marou. The tour will be a special series of shows that bring together great friends who just happen to write incredible songs and love to share a story.

Catch them at the Ulumbarra Theatre in Bendigo on September 9 and Costa Hall in Geelong on September 12. Tickets are on sale now here and here.