Kasey Chambers celebrates 20 years of The Captain

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Kasey Chambers celebrates 20 years of The Captain

Kasey Chambers’ unmistakable country twang rang out beautifully across Geelong’s Costa Hall, where a sold-out audience was treated to the 20th-anniversary celebration of her award-winning album Captain.

Kasey opened with a solo teaser of the popular album titled single before all original band members joined her on stage. It wasn’t long before the whole theatre was clapping along.

As Kasey performed, photos showing her life’s journey appeared on a huge screen, creating a lovely rapport with the crowd. It was a celebration of both her life and her music.

Often tearing up, Kasey continually thanked her audience and said she was so grateful for the support she had over the years. The audience responded accordingly and the show featured lots of participation and interaction.

A real family affair, Kasey’s father Bill was the lead guitarist and they also performed an emotional solo together called ‘Southern Kind of Life’ about a sleepy coastal town in South Australia where they grew up.

Kasey spoke about how most of the songs from the album were created when she lived in Norfolk Island with her Mum and then later edited in Nashville Tennessee.

A particularly memorable story Kasey shared was when she was just three weeks old and her family took her up to the Nullarbor Plains where they lived in a land cruiser for ten years which they converted into a camper trailer. Kids would go to sleep while her father drove around hunting foxes. They would wake up in a different spot each morning. They lived off the land and spent many nights singing around a campfire. Many of her songs were based around her Nullarbor experiences.

She also told stories of visiting Africa on various occasions and helping in schools over there. One of the songs was written for her tour guide in Africa.

A special highlight was a funny song about how her Mum and Dad hooked up in a van and then nine months later she was born. She played harmonica through this and it was a tongue in cheek song that had everyone laughing.

Of course, she sang crowd favourite ‘Not Pretty Enough’ which had everyone singing, followed by the full version of ‘Captain’.

The encore was sensational and featured a cover of Cold Plays ‘Yellow’ with Kasey on banjo.
Kasey ended the gig with “We all going to die One day”’, a humorous song featuring typical country humour and philosophy.

Kasey played for two solid hours and got a standing ovation. An awesome gig.

KASEY SMILING - color version


Where: Costa Hall, Geelong
When: Saturday, September 14
Reviewed by Sally Poehland
Photos by Nadia Moth