KaKu enter 2018 with a handful of singles and an upcoming EP

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KaKu enter 2018 with a handful of singles and an upcoming EP

Have you heard of KaKu before?
Well you’re about to.
Formed out of a mutual love and respect for John McLaughlin, KaKu is the enduring heavy-set love-child of Andrew Cossey and Ben Schier. The two soon became three with the addition of the incomparable Dan Bergowicz and the trio have since hit packed venues such as Cherry Bar, The Tote and Dan’s House Party.
Spending the last few years honing in on their sound, the guys are currently in the throes of releasing individual singles off their debut EP, having recently launched ‘Whatever Helps You Sleep’ at the Evelyn Hotel in March and ‘Dry Heat’ at the Grace Darling recently.
We are particularly digging their track ‘Dry Heat’, a slow burning wildfire of Himalayan harmonies, exploring themes of time and space with a stoner rock twist. With over three minutes of groove-laden sounds, clean vocals and tasty riffs, it’s got some serious Royal Blood/Queens of the Stone Age vibes about it. It’s brooding in all the right ways. Check the track below.

Next up the guys are releasing their next single ‘You’re Probably Right’ on June 1 in the basement of the Grace Darling Hotel. It’s gonna be large, loud and luscious so you’d be mad to miss it. Check the event here.