Justice Crew

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Justice Crew

Australia’s Got Talent sensation Justice Crew is coming to Geelong as part of their national #HYPETOUR. The dance troupe’s recent successes include their platinum singles ‘Boom Boom’, ‘Best Night’ and ‘Everybody’, two previous nationwide tours, and representing Australia at the ABU TV Song Festival in Vietnam last year. Founding member Len Pearce says their music is intended to make people feel good about themselves.
“I would describe it to be upbeat, hype … just music that makes you feel good and makes you want to dance,” he says. “Our music means feeling happy, letting loose and just having a good time. I think our main goal in onstage performing is to try and get people smiling and happy and forgetting all their problems.”
The members of Justice Crew were initially part of two separate dance troupes that competed against each other at a national dance competition. After that, they merged together to form one ‘supergroup’ and entered Australia’s Got Talent in 2010, which they won. Len was as surprised as anyone at the result.
“It was pretty unreal. We just entered the show because we weren’t doing anything and we just thought why not? And then we started doing really well and we got standing ovations every time and we were all like, ‘what the heck?’ It was just so surreal.”
Since their Australia’s Got Talent victory the opportunities have come pouring in. They have recorded and released nine singles, with another on the way in a few weeks, and are preparing to work on an album this year. They have toured nationally twice, with #HYPETOUR being their third. More recently, they’ve been signed to American rap artist Pitbull’s record label to release ‘Boom Boom’ in the United States. Len says he could never have imagined Justice Crew would get this far.
“We didn’t really exist past that [Australia’s Got Talent],” he says. “We thought we’d win the show and then we weren’t sure. We were kind of blind leading ourselves into the future. We didn’t know what was coming and then these opportunities came up, like being signed to Pitbull’s label in America, releasing songs and collaborating with all these other artists. I had no idea that all this would happen. It’s crazy. We don’t know what to expect now as well. There could be bigger doors opening.”
For the moment, though, they’re throwing everything into the #HYPETOUR, which consists of 18 shows across five states. Len says the boys are really looking forward to the experience.
“I’m very excited and the boys are very excited because we have this awesome new show where we have a DJ and we interact with the crowd, and the lighting and the videos. It should be really cool. We can’t wait to show everyone around Australia what we’ve turned into and how we’ve evolved in the last four years.”
He also says they’re looking forward to the show at the Geelong Arena on April 19. “It’ll be really cool. We’re so excited to see the fans out there and show them an awesome, fun night, which they’ll probably never forget. And we’re touring with Jai Waetford, so he’ll be there, and we’ll be doing some collab moments and other fun stuff. It should be a really good night.”
The #HYPETOUR began in Broadbeach on April 4 and finishes in Perth on April 27.
When&Where: Geelong Arena – April 19
Written by Daniel Waight