Ash Grunwald

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Ash Grunwald

“I’ve got a funny personality because I kind of regard myself as lazy, but I’m pretty hard working at the same time when I’m passionate about something. I just feel lucky to be playing music,” explains Grunwald.
Usually synonymous with playing solo shows, Grunwald has spent the past year playing with one of the best rhythm sections in Australia. Scott Owen and Andy Strachan of The Living End joined Grunwald for his 2013 release Gargantua, and were the perfect men to match his passion and intensity on stage.
“It was sick; they are just such great players and it was really good for my playing as well,” says Grunwald. “Sometimes in the past going from solo to bands, and this is very ironic to say, but it almost felt like sometimes it didn’t have the same energy of that ramp up. When you’re playing solo you can really ramp up at your own pace and read the crowd and it can be quiet exciting, but then sometimes in a band setup it’s a bit more regimented and a bit more clunking along playing the songs and it’s not as exciting. But those guys just take it to a new level, so it never felt like that at all; it always just felt like we were creating extra excitement the whole time.”
For now, however, Grunwald is back on the road unaccompanied and is bringing back a more “old school” sound then the last time he played solo.
“I don’t ever want to get stuck in any kind of rut and that’s the thing that has made going back to the solo format so much more exciting for me,” says Grunwald. “Last time I played solo was on the Trouble’s Door tour and I was messing with beats and it had a little bit of that fusion of blues and hip hop in a way. But now I’m going back to my old school sound where it is all organic, so in a sense it’s stripped back and probably a little louder.
Grunwald’s next challenge was one he decided on during a recent tour of Canada, but at this point in his career wasting too much time in America isn’t an option if things don’t work out.
“I was touring Canada this year and was thinking, ‘man it’s just over the border and there is so much bluesy stuff over there and there is nothing quite like what I’m doing, maybe I should give it an honest go’,” explains Grunwald. “I won’t put a decade into it banging my head against a wall. I’ll see how it goes, and if it’s happening I’ll keep going.”
Luckily for his Victorian fans, Grunwald will make a few appearances in his state of origin before jumping on a plane to take on the USA.
“I can’t wait; it will be really good to get back to Victoria,” says Grunwald. “I’ve been out of Victoria for a good four years, so it will be good to get back and get some waves and catch up with friends and play some good gigs.”
When&Where: Barwon Heads Hotel, Barwon Heads – April 25
Written by Zach Broadhurst