Josh Pyke Announces National Tour

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Josh Pyke Announces National Tour

Following a bunch of shows across January and February, songman Josh Pyke is catching his breath before he again ventures out into the world for a 30+ date tour kicking off next month.

The tour is on the back of the new video for track ‘Songlines’, taken from his fifth album, 2015’s But for All These Shrinking Hearts.

Last year, the singer-songwriter opened up to Tone Deaf about the track: “I wrote this track with Marcus from Jinja Safari. The collaboration came about when I heard a track being played in my local café and liked its style. I asked the owner who it was and she told me it was Jinja Safari. I asked my manager, Gregg, if he could hook up a co-write, and it turned out that Gregg actually manages Jinja Safari too. Serendipity … The lyrical concept of Songlines comes from a book I read which explained the beautiful tradition of Indigenous Australians passing on knowledge and also ways of navigating vast landscapes, through songs.”

In other news, Josh was also recently appointed to the board of the PPCA – the Phonographic Performance Company of Australia, an organisation that represents the interests of Australian artists where their music is used in public.

The Karova, Ballarat – August 6 & Whalers Hotel, Warrnambool – August 7.