Jordie Lane

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Jordie Lane

Folk music is all about telling a story through song, and it’s storytelling that Jordie Lane does best. Talking to him, I was struck by an excitement in his voice that had me hanging – even hearing about his morning coffee turned into a tale of him entering the shop and leaving as the next YouTube sensation (don’t ask).
Lane explains it was this aspect of folk music that initially drew him to the genre at an early age. As a child, he followed his parents’ performance troupe around the country and his “urge to entertain and get attention” was inspired and nurtured by an artistic upbringing.
“I think the seed was planted from my childhood. Growing up I watched my mum turning boring stories into something that can take people on a big journey – that was a huge aspiration of mine to try and do that. While I listened to Bob Dylan and The Beatles, I realised that it wasn’t just about being a folk singer, it was more about wanting to be a storyteller on stage and opening up to the audience,” he says.
His ability to candidly “open up” on personal experience is a treasure to his song making; his wonderfully nostalgic and affecting tunes, like ‘ War Rages On’ and ‘Feet Fall’ (two of Lane’s own recommendations), illustrating just this.
“Nearly all of my songs are based on my real life experiences or someone in direct contact with me telling me a story. I usually can’t think up a narrative that’s completely fictitious because I can’t make it ring true. The funnest thing is building on the truth and trying to tell it in the most exciting way, so sometimes that involves bending the truth just a little,” Lane says.
Creating these moving tales from that of real life has always been a cathartic process for Lane, “Sometimes it does feel like I need to turn the tap off because you shouldn’t be sharing absolutely everything, but I’ve always felt a huge sense of relief when I let something out – even to complete strangers. I’m not trying to hide anything, or if I was, then letting it out is a process that feels like a bit of relief.”
While Lane’s lyrics are undeniably stirring, his musicality alone cannot be ignored. His melodic croons are hypnotic, only elevated by the smooth rhythms of his sliding blues and roots instrumentals. Luckily, Lane is back in Australia after an 18-month long stint away, and you’ll have the chance to hear some of this genius up-close.
This tour, Lane’s doing something a little different; pairing up with Clare Reynolds. The duo will give us some of the melting harmonies and soulful sounds as heard on Lane’s 2013 release, Not Built to Last. The pair first met in 2012, when starring in the theatre show Grievous Angel: The Legend of Gram Parsons, and since then their collaboration has grown to produce simply beautiful performances.
The intimate shows ahead are sure to showcase the duos utterly gorgeous take on American folk, Lane’s warming vocals and, of course, his ability to spin a tale or two.
When & Where: The Toff in Town, Melbourne – April 18 & 19, Ararat Live, Ararat – April 22 & Beav’s Bar, Geelong – April 23
Written by Emily Hirst