Record Store Day Ambassador: Amber Lawrence

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Record Store Day Ambassador: Amber Lawrence

Amber Lawrence may be establishing herself as one of Australia’s most successful country artists, but that doesn’t mean she’s forgotten what – or who – helped get her there. Hot on the heels of becoming the first female in history to win both the Golden Guitar and CMC ‘Female Artist of the year’ award in the same year, Amber is now an ambassador for Record Store Day Australia.
Record Store Day joins forces with music labels and artists such as Amber to put on concerts, hold competitions and release limited edition tracks to remind people of how important local record stores are to Australia’s music community.
Amber herself points to good old fashioned record stores as the reason why her music has been able to reach so many people. “Record stores have been really important in getting my music into the hands of people who never would have listened to the music before,” Amber says.
“You can have your music on all the digital sites and all of that, but the recommendation from the guy or girl behind the counter can really mean a lot, so that’s why record stores are important.”
As part of Record Store Day on April 18, Amber is doing a gig in Sydney – just one of many concerts happening all across the country that day in support of the project. Speaking of her performance style, Amber says that although her music has been known to make some people shed a tear or two, she always hopes to leave them happier than when they came in.
“I’m still trying to be the life of the party on stage… I finish on a high, that’s how I like to end the show. To have people walking away having enjoyed themselves,” she says.
While Amber’s bubbly and fun-loving nature comes through in much of her music, it’s the more personal songs that truly set her apart from others in her category.
Having co-written all but one song on her new album Superheroes, Amber says the song writing process is a chance for her to connect with her fans through her own experiences that others may relate to.
“The album needs to have real stories, it needs to connect. I co-wrote most of the songs with great writers to help tease out the stories to make them more universal,” she says.
This penchant for taking deeply personal experiences and turning them into relatable songs is particularly evident in Amber’s most recent single ‘The Lifesaver’, a tear-jerking look into her parents love story which recently hit number one on the Country Music Channel.
Amber says that although the song is a very private glimpse into the life of her family, her fans have been able to connect with it on a personal level.
“I love the fact that I’m able to tell my mum and dad’s story and put it down in history… I think people relate songs to themselves, so even if they are really personal people take them on as their own,” she says.
For this accountant-gone-country-star, music is the risk that certainly paid off. “I’m lucky that I was able to have the guts to chase my dream,” she says,
And those guts of hers are certainly the reason why we’ll be hearing Amber on our country music charts for years to come.
Visit to find out on events happening around your area or a bit more about the day itself.
Written by Kara Ready