John Flanagan: There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going

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John Flanagan: There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going

There’s an undeniable optimism that seems to flow through the opening few tracks of John Flanagan’s new release, There’s Another Way to Where You’re Going. ‘Whatever Makes You Happy’ is a cheery number with harmonising throughout, the notable lyrics being “I love you more than living”: a pretty good summation of the mood of that track.

Flanagan has said this release is moments of sadness intertwined with uplifting tales. That sentiment certainly comes into fruition with the third track ‘Summer’s Gone’ a slightly more somber tune for the release.

What this release does best is melding different voices together (The Mae Trio, Ben Abraham, Brooke Russell, Carena Khoo and Emma Rule and Jane Patterson joined in on this album) as well as telling a story showcasing those different voices. It’s uplifting – even with the sadder tracks – and leaves you feeling happy. The lyricism tells a story, though its only downfall is at times the cheesy rhyming. It’s a minor glitch for an overall pretty impacting album. Pick this one up if you’re looking for something to really listen to, that’ll make you feel something and that’s a little bit country.

Out Independently
Reviewed by Valerie Vatoosh