Blues News #632

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Blues News #632

The coming fortnight has certainly got some excellent gigs coming up in Geelong. Pistol Pete, has two of them – Sammy Owen Blues Band on the 20th, and Lloyd Spiegel on the 26th, and Sleepy Hollow has Chris Wilson on the 28th.

Sammy Owen Blues Band was first formed late 2011 as a rotating line up of musicians from Fitzroy’s Brunswick Street and performed weekly at some of the streets most frequented venues. Since forming, this hard working Melbourne band has played over 200 gigs at some of Melbourne’s top venues like The Espy, The Rainbow, The Evelyn, Bar Open and many more.

Sammy Owen Blues Band has electricity, intensity and a give-everything approach to entertaining a live crowd. The band’s live shows have received rave revues in the press and by blues fans and non blues fans alike.

Lloyd Spiegel has squeezed eight albums and a swag of accolades into 25 years of performing, writing and recording, more than many do in a lifetime. His command of his instrument and powerful stage persona puts him at the cutting edge of Australian Blues, re-inventing the style for the masses and opening new doors for Australian blues artists while maintaining a close relationship with the foundations and traditions of the blues. This is an opportunity which doesn’t come up very often.

Chris Wilson has been an essential part of blues and rock music in Australia since taking the stage with the Sole Twisters over 20 years ago, and by the end of the ’80s, was established as one of Australia’s finest vocalists, harmonica players and songwriters.

Chris has appeared at every major Australian festival and his performances, filled as they are with his own brand of sensuality and the dynamic power that leaves his audiences so satisfied, are always a highlight. Chris’ stage presence, voice and talent are all as big as the country he lives in. Chris Wilson is a master of his craft.

He’s had a number of bands, starting with Crown of Thorns, The Pub Dogs, Chris Wilson Band. His albums fill a large section in my shelf, and it’s hard to point to one that stands out from the rest, but Live at the Continental is one I have a very soft spot for.

Recently Chris bought back the rights to the Continental and re-released it as a double CD. I also have that version, and the extra material is well worth it.

Along with his serious music, Chris has a laconic sense of humour, and has fun with Pirates of Beer whose line up includes Sarah Carroll, Sweet Felicia, and, well, I can’t really be definitive. I strongly suspect the full membership of PoB is a movable feast!

Well, there’s no two ways about it, one of these should have you out and heading downtown. I might have to go to all three.

Just a note that The Grizzly Brothers will be doing a set at the end of the jam to farewell Harry Kuehnel this Sleepy Hollow on the 28th.

Written by John (Dr John) Lamp
Proudly presented by the Sleepy Hollow Blues Club