James McGuffie’s debut single ‘Lemon Tree’ is a dreamy, indie-folk delight

James McGuffie’s debut single ‘Lemon Tree’ is a dreamy, indie-folk delight

Words by Mackenzie Pennycook

The highly anticipated debut indie folk single is finally here.

James McGuffie, an esteemed singer songwriter from Melbourne known for his work in his former band McRobin has released his debut single ‘Lemon Tree’.

The debut single for James sees raw and honest storytelling that was conceptualised initially with jest. After wrestling with a stubborn song, James implemented a clean page and a change of instrument and ‘Lemon Tree’ was born.

The track sees James wrestling with themes of self doubt and deprecation to lack of discipline and everything in between. The song explores and represents the many roadblocks that can impede the journey to “something great”.

The idea of the lemon tree was inspired by his parents garden, and the idea of the time and effort it takes to cultivate good things.


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“It wasn’t until I failed miserably, multiple times, to keep a bunch of plants alive, that I really came to terms with how much work my folks have put into their incredible garden over the years. This got me thinking about all the factors that can derail your pursuit of creating and nurturing an idea or project. The song stands as an ode to the pep talk’s we all give and receive, as we navigate the peaks and valleys of our own endeavours,” says James.

The song exists in a sonic space somewhere between Bruce Springsteen and Paul Kelly, and the indie folk anthem is sure to delight listeners everywhere.

After trying to re-record the track a dozen times, James decided on using the original recording in his home for the song, stating that he wanted the song to be heard in its rawest original form.

The debut record holds its own, being recognised amongst music heavy weights like the DMAs, Ruel and Thelma Plum as a finalist in the Vanda and Young songwriting competition.

The debut single for James McGuffie is an exciting taste of what to come from the already acclaimed artist as he steps out as a solo musician under his own name.

Stream ‘Lemon Tree’ below and click here to keep up to date with James’ socials.