It’s official: Melbourne’s Monopoly indoor theme park will open in September

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It’s official: Melbourne’s Monopoly indoor theme park will open in September

This will be the second theme park of its kind in the world (with the first in Hong Kong).

It’s happening! Monopoly Dreams theme park has officially passed GO and will be arriving in Melbourne this September.

Bringing to life the economics-themed board game that was such a staple of everyone’s childhood (and the game most likely to end in a bitter familial disagreement),  the long-awaited Monopoly Dreams indoor theme park will officially open its doors in September.

Modelled after Melbourne itself, the upcoming amusement park will open September 1, 2023, taking over a 1650-square-metre space at Melbourne Central with the nostalgic iconography from Monopoly. With two sections and 15 attractions across both, it’s going to be double the size of its original Hong Kong location.

Monopoly Dreams Melbourne

  • A Monopoly theme park is opening up in Melbourne Central on September 1 2023
  • Monopoly Dreams will be a fully immersive and interactive Monopoly experience featuring games, prizes, laser challenge and 4DX technology
  • It’s set to be twice the size of the one that opened in Hong Kong in 2019

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The result of $20 million dollars, inside you’ll find all the iconic Monopoly trimming – passing GO, going to jail, as well as the Community Chest and Chance.

There are two distinct areas to explore at the new Monopoly Dreams; Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion. The currency in this world is, you guessed it, Monopoly money. You can win it around the various attractions, which include a 4D theatre and a chance wheel – to be spent at the cafe or retail store.

You’ll also be able to generate energy on a bike at the Electric Company, take part in a projection game at Water Works, and try and catch flying Monopoly money at the Bank.

If you’re one of the unlucky ones who end up in Jail, just like in the game, you’ll have to battle for your parole by rolling a double with a massive set of dice.

Monopoly Dreams will open at Melbourne Central on September 1, 2023. For more information, head here