A $20 million dollar Monopoly theme park is coming to Melbourne this year

A $20 million dollar Monopoly theme park is coming to Melbourne this year

The second of its kind in the world (with the first in Hong Kong), it’s going to be called Monopoly Dreams and its opening up in Melbourne Central later this year.

Ah, Monopoly. The economics-themed board game that was such a staple of everyone’s childhood … and the game most likely to end in a bitter familial disagreement. Modelled after Melbourne itself, the upcoming amusement park will feature the nostalgic iconography from Monopoly. With 15 attractions, it’s going to be double the size of its original Hong Kong location.

The key takeaways

  • A Monopoly theme park is opening up in Melbourne Central
  • It’s set to be twice the size of the one that opened in Hong Kong in 2019
  • There’s no set date as to when it’s going to open, though its likely to be later this year

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Initially devised as a critique of capitalism, the board game is being turned into a $20 million dollar, 1650 square metre Monopoly themed indoor park. Yeah – the irony isn’t lost on us, either.

All the iconic Monopoly trimming are there – passing GO, going to jail, as well as the Community Chest and Chance.

Monopoly fun fact: In the Second World War, the manufacturer of the game in the UK created special editions for prisoners of war held by the Nazis, that were distributed by fake charity organisation. The boards contained concealed maps, compasses, money and other useful objects for escape. 

There’s two distinct areas to explore at the new Monopoly Dreams; Monopoly City and Monopoly Mansion.The currency in this world is, you guessed it, Monopoly money. You can win it around the various attractions, which includes a 4D theatre and a chance wheel – to be spent at the cafe or retail store.

Another Monopoly fun fact: It was invented by anti-monopolist Lizzie Magie to explain Georgist tax theory and was originally called The Landlord’s Game. The concept was essentially stolen by Charles Darrow in 1932, when he played The Landlord’s Game at a dinner party for the first time and asked for a written set of the rules, which he took and started to distribute under the name ‘Monopoly’. 

The exact date of Monopoly Dreams’ opening is still yet be be unveiled, but it’s expected to open up sometime at the end of this year, with ticket prices starting at $30.

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