“It’s enough to break some people”: Piano Bar’s Andy Pobjoy shares the struggles of local businesses in poignant new video

“It’s enough to break some people”: Piano Bar’s Andy Pobjoy shares the struggles of local businesses in poignant new video

Andy Pobjoy

"You start running out of resources, and that's not just money, it's mental fortitude".

Is anyone actually surviving in the most locked downstate in the world? That’s the question explored in a new video interview by TorchT Productions, a local production company that encouraging brands and individuals to embrace what makes them unique and bring that to the fore!

Since the introduction of coronavirus restrictions back in March 2020, pivoting has proven important for Australian business survival, especially for those within the arts and hospitality industries. It’s no secret these industries have been one of the hardest hit by the lockdown measures enforced to slow the spread of COVID-19, with food aficionados and music lovers across the country ordered to stay home, and music venues, pubs, restaurants and cafes told to shut their doors.

With 65 per cent of regional businesses impact by lockdowns, 25 per cent of businesses now ceasing to exist and over eight lockdowns (and counting) and 220 days of isolation in Melbourne, people are struggling.

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With the most affected industries being hospitality and entertainment, this new video story explains the plight of a much loved small business that crosses over between these two industries – the well-loved Piano Bar.

With live music and events at the helm of this venue and the regular evenings of singing at the top of your lungs to all those guilty pleasures quickly continuously coming to a halt, the venue has been forced to either adapt or face the consequences a number of times of the past year, pivoting to live-streamed performances, opening pop-ups in the street, collaborating with other local businesses, operating under ridiculously small capacities and even selling gift boxes.

In this poignant video, Andy Pobjoy, co-owner of the Piano Bar chain, details his struggles running a small business during lockdown and the stresses it includes.

Managing to keep 100 staff employed and engaged, growing an online audience to over 23,000, and keeping four locations running, as well as streamed his performances with an array of talented guests for 100 nights in a row, Andy’s innovation and courage is second to none, but did not come without its adversity. In this necessary seven-minute video, he opens up about the real struggles both from a business and mental health perspective. Unfortunately, his struggle is all too common and one that needs to be addressed and supported if a small business is to have any chance on the other side of this.

We implore you to watch the video below.

You can help Piano Bar by heading to their website and booking a seat at a Livestream session!

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