Introducing PRJKTR Mag

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Introducing PRJKTR Mag

Geelong now has its very own, quarterly arts magazine called PRJKTR (pronounced ‘projector’) and guess what? The very first issue is available from today!
The content is focused around the local arts scene with lots of interesting stories and beautiful images.
With it’sĀ artistic focus PRJKTR explores people, trends, political issues, social outliers and the many threads and fibres of the Geelong region’s cultural fabric. PRJKTR aims to expose the collective think-tank feeding the regions cultural evolution while creating new discussions about Geelong.
Delving into the artistic community of Geelong, PRJKTR provides them with a platform to share the roots of their ideas whilst showcasing local cultural hubs. The how and why of creativity is explored, along with the human fundamentals that draw people to art and different styles of self-expression.
Grab your copy today from over 400 srop points across Geelong, the Bellarine and Surfcoast!