Introducing Melbourne’s Cult Hero and their debut single ‘Rosegarten’ that’s taking the scene by storm

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Introducing Melbourne’s Cult Hero and their debut single ‘Rosegarten’ that’s taking the scene by storm

Words by Staff Writer

Cult Hero strips back all the overindulgence of modern music and leaves the remains behind.

Melbourne’s vibrant music scene welcomes a fresh and exhilarating addition to its ranks, as Cult Hero, a newly formed band led by the seasoned Alex Pink, former head of indie rock outfit LOOBS, releases their debut single ‘Rosegarten’.

With a sound that’s set to turn heads and hearts, Cult Hero’s ‘Rosegarten’ is already making waves, beckoning music lovers to really take notice.

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Cult Hero’s sound, a combination of big energy, folk, punk rock, and slack jazz influences, has been described as a thrilling exploration of what it means to be a part-time punk. Alex Pink leads the way on guitar and vocals, joined by the formidable Time Scott on bass and M. Pope on drums. Together, they strip back the layers of modern music, leaving only the raw essentials for an electrifying experience that will leave you hungry for more.

Released on 20 October, ‘Rosegarten’ is a prime example of this part-time punk sound, and the result is an electrifying experience that’s truly leaves you craving more.

As the needle drops and ‘Rosegarten’ begins, it’s like a time warp back to the late ’70s and early ’80s, right in the heart of the post-punk revolution. The Cure’s influence is unmistakable in the instrumentation, with a deceptively simple acoustic riff that weaves its magic through the intro and verse. But it doesn’t stop there. The vocals take us on a journey reminiscent of classics like Talking Heads’ ‘Psycho Killer’ and ‘Love Will Tear Us Apart’ by the post-punk darlings, Joy Division.

Tracking for near three minutes, ‘Rosegarten’ introduces us to Cult Hero’s world, offering a glimpse into the poetic and introspective lyricism of Alex Pink. With lines like “Rosegarten, tonight’s the night, am I brave or just a fool,” the song delves into the complexity of emotions, leaving us yearning for more. The track is a testament to the band’s creative prowess, drawing us into a world where emotion and sound collide.

The song credits for ‘Rosegarten’ underscore the craftsmanship behind the music. Written by the band’s frontman, Alex Pink, the track features recording, mixing, and mastering from Chris Pettifer, AHM, and Matthew Ford, respectively, ensuring that the song reaches its full potential.


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Emerging on the scene in December 2022, Cult Hero wasted no time in making their presence felt. Over the past year, they’ve been tirelessly working the circuit, gracing stages at renowned venues like Cactus Room, Cafe Gummo Bar, The Old Bar, Tramway Hotel, and Retreat Hotel Brunswick, leaving audiences mesmerised by their energetic performances.

Cult Hero’s ‘Rosegarten’ is a testament to the band’s immense talent and their commitment to making a mark on the music scene.

With their debut single, they invite you to step into their world, one where punk meets folk and energy meets introspection. Melbourne’s Cult Hero is a name you won’t soon forget, and their journey has only just begun.

Check out the new single on Bandcamp here.