‘Inside Voices’: Tig’s debut EP a thought-provoking journey with a feel-good ending

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‘Inside Voices’: Tig’s debut EP a thought-provoking journey with a feel-good ending

Credit: Kinga Howard
Words by Alex Callan

Keen to look inward and nurture her first body of work intuitively, Tig wrote and recorded the Inside Voices EP from her home in Naarm/Melbourne.

It’s almost unbelievable to think that Inside Voices is a debut EP. There’s not a single moment on the four-song release that gives the impression that Tig Lieschke is an aspiring songwriter.

If anything, it’s the kind of EP you’d expect to come from a seasoned musician finally disbanding from their main project to deliver a long-awaited solo release; not an accomplished corporate professional who has recently ended a lengthy stint in the legal industry to focus on her lost passion for songwriting.

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The aptly named opener, ‘Arrival’, comes crashing in with meticulous piano lines, mesmerising guitar leads, and soaring crescendos. By the time ‘Ran Into Myself’ comes rolling around, you’re already well and truly swooned by Tig’s seasoned songwriting abilities and husky, yet delicate vocals. Presumably influenced by the decision to leave her professional life in the rearview, ‘Ran Into Myself’ sees the songstress deliberating on relationships and her identity, questioning if she’d be more at ease living a life free of responsibility.

The lyrics are filled with a wisdom that can only come with age, with songs like ‘Gingerbread House’, further opening up about Tig’s journey of self-growth with lyrics like “they tried to warn me to tread carefully, but I’m the oldest I’ve ever been.”

‘Although you might not guess it, I am a romantic at heart. I love dramas that end with a sunset, books that bring you closure, and albums that feel like a movie when you listen from start to finish,” Tig shares of her EP. “These songs were written in order alongside chapters that were unfolding in my life. It was a really formative time for me and I love that these moments will forever exist together on the EP.”

Recorded from her home in Melbourne/Naarm, Tig’s debut is an introspective, personable, and profound release that lifts the layers of her innermost thoughts in a way that’s impossible not to resonate with.

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