Inca Cancelled

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Inca Cancelled

We are very sad to report that this years Inca Roads festival  has been cancelled.
The cancellation comes just two and a half weeks out from the festival start date, which featured bands including The Harpoons, The Cactus Channel, Sex On Toast and Scotdracula to name just a few.
The festival have released the below statement:
“We have not received enough interest from membership sales for the 2015 festival or the not-for-profit organisation to continue into the future. 

This is extremely saddening. For our team, you the bands, the people who have supported Inca and made it their favourite little festival. Ultimately we do this for the love of it, as volunteers, solely to provide an incredible weekend of Australian and Melbourne music for those people that care. 

We have been through a huge set of challenges over the last four years including but not limited to, after 10 months council not making a decision on the permit in 2013, council approving the permit but objectors taking us to VCAT, beating the crap out of the objectors and running the 2013 event with huge success, council knocking us back in 2014 after we had organised the whole event, postponing and moving to a new location for 2015, getting ready for approval for the 2015 permit and now this. 

Everyone will be refunded by Friday. The process may take a handful of days to appear in your account.

People take for granted the incredible the amount of creative talent Melbourne and Australia has to offer. Go out and see a show, spend a few dollars on an EP and support the industry that makes this city and country so amazing. 
Thank you to the supporters, fans, legends, bands of Inca over the years. 

It has been a privilege and a pleasure.”
For further info head to the website: