Immy Owusu – ‘LO-LIFE’ Album Launch

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Immy Owusu – ‘LO-LIFE’ Album Launch

Described as “The Very Definition Of Culture Clash” by Don Letts (BBC6 Radio), Immy’s ‘Afrodelik’ music draws influences from Psychedlia, Zamrock and West African Highlife. He grew up in two worlds: the sea bleached lifestyle of the Australian Surf Coast with its rock n roll soundtrack, and the musical heritage of his Ghanaian family. Immy’s father Kojo Noah Owusu is a master drummer from the Ashanti Kingdom of Ghana and his grandfather Koo Nimo is a legend of Ghanaian ‘Palm Wine’ Highlife, active since the 1960s.

From them Immy learned Asante music and its instruments, added a fuzz pedal and began to experiment. His music has received rave reviews and substantial airplay around the world including on BBC6, Worldwide FM, NTS, KEXP, NPR and Bandcamp Weekly and have been included in various mixes and playlists including by Dangermouse. Immy Owusu’s debut album LO-LIFE! draws on the work of West African giants such as Ebo Taylor and William Onyeabor as well as psychedelic troubadours like Rodriguez. LO-LIFE! was live-tracked with an all-star band, featuring members of Surprise Chef, Karate Boogaloo and The Senegambian Jazz Band.