If you love fish and chips as much as we do, cruise on down to Highton Fish & Chips.

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If you love fish and chips as much as we do, cruise on down to Highton Fish & Chips.

There is nothing like a good box of fish and chips – whether it’s eaten on the beach with a sneaky squeeze of lemon, and a cold beer balanced on the sand, or wrapped in paper and taken home for a lazy Sunday night dinner while you binge-watch Stranger Things, it’s an Aussie essential… there’s just something about it.

If you love fish and chips as much as we do – any time of the year – cruise on down to Highton Fish & Chips.

Here, owner Pat has a simple philosophy, and that is the fresher the better, so daily delivered fish is a sure thing, and you can be sure you won’t get that two-day old soggy lettuce in your Burger or Souvlaki. Keeping the promise of fresh, local quality ingredients, the meat comes from the best butchers in Geelong, What’s for Dinner, with an option for Bakers Maison Milk Buns. Pair these with a house-made beetroot relish, and shack sauce, and top it off with Maggies Kitchen Queenscliff’s tomato relish, and you’ve got yourself a party (or just a damn good burger… some of the best burgers in town, rivalling some of the so called burger specialists). Just saying…

What really sets this local fish and chippery apart from the rest however is the abundance of gluten-free options across the menu. From the classic Flake and minimum chips, to the rarely sighted Burlaki (yes, a Burger crossed with a Souvlaki) and everything in between, the days of having to have grilled fish are numbered with a dedicated Gluten-Free fryer to enjoy that deep-fried goodness. And for a smaller snack, Dims Sims, Potato Cakes and the like are also part of the Gluten-Free menu. If you’re craving all your favourites from the local Fish N Chip shop, but need gluten-free options, this is the crème de la crème.

They also feature freshly an ever-changing weekly supply of donuts from Geelong’s Gluten-Free by Isaac, as well as gluten-free pies and rolls from Victoria’s own, Silly Yaks.

Pop in, say g’day, and treat yourself to a staple of the Australian diet this Spring… and if you live in range and are super lazy, Highton Fish & Chips also deliver, through the shop, and on Uber Eats.

Highton Fish & Chips is located at Taylor Court, Highton. Call (03) 5243 6457.