Honey Source is the sweetest local business around

Honey Source is the sweetest local business around

Did you know that there are around 20,000 beekeepers in Australia? That’s pretty un-bee-lievable. And did you know that Australian honey is consumed in more than 38 different countries? It’s pretty easy to see what the buzz about bees is! Puns aside, honeybees are pollinators that help grow the plants that make up 90% of the world’s food, making them pretty vital to our world. There are more honeybees than other types of bee and pollinating insects in the world. Every beekeeper in Australia is contributing to the pollination of plants nationwide – and now you can too.

Sam from Geelong’s Honey Source started beekeeping six years ago for his daughters’ love of honey, and before long found a passion in the hobby. In 2017, Honey Source opened, offering not only their homemade honey, but beehives and even mentoring in beekeeping. Honey Source’s 100% pure and local Victorian honey is packaged and sold by season, emphasising the changing taste and colours of the sweet spread. To date, Honey Source manages 130 hives, with this number ever-growing.

But Honey Source’s services don’t stop at honey. The local business sells nuclease hives and bees, allowing anyone to take up the hobby. Each hive is lovingly cared for before sale, promising extra bees, pollen, honey and brood than other hives on the market. For those that need a little extra support, one-on-one mentoring is also offered with Sam undertaking full hive health checks, re-queening services as well as general hive maintenance and advice.

And it doesn’t stop there! For those without a sweet tooth, Honey Source has a range of beeswax products for sale, including candles, lip balm, or even 100% pure beeswax so you can make your own products from.

All of Honey Source’s products are available from their website at www.honeysource.com.au, or you can call 0423 381 730 for more information.

Written by Thom Devereux